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Tallchart OÜ was established in 1999, based entirely on local private capital. Our main field of activity is the sale of bulk materials with transport all over Estonia at a time and to a location specified by the customer.
To increase customer satisfaction we approach each object and client personally and are thus able to guarantee a fast and stable supply of materials.

Our second field of activity is the import, export and sales of new and used vehicles and trailers from Europe. The fast pace of contemporary life and its increasing demands upon us make it difficult to find the time during our daily work to shop for suitable vehicles. Even more so as a suitable vehicle is often not available on the Estonian market. We source a vehicle with suitable equipment and specifications from our European partners, review the technical condition at the location and transport it to Estonia. All vehicles are handed over to the client after being registered at the Estonian Motor Vehicle Registration Centre and passing a valid technical inspection. We also help with the formalisation of leasing documents.